Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Phoenix Fashion Week's Shop Garment District 2015

This year's competition is sure to be a closely ran journey all the way to the finish line (or at least to October 3rd). There is such a crazy amount of talent amongst the top 13 emerging designers and accessory designers who have brought their own unique style, tweaked it a wee bit to give that flare, then present us with some jaw-dropping "wows".

Me and Misha Mendicino
Phoenix Fashion Week's Shop Garment District set up shop in the swanky boutique-y hotspot the Hotel Palomar at CityScape in the heart of downtown Phoenix. It was wall to wall packed with guests trying to get that perfect look of their favorite designer.

I even bumped into last year's Designer of the Year winner Misha Mendicino. She has been on a whirlwind of a ride ever since then. It was awesome to see past designers come out and support this year's emerging designers. But for now, its showtime!

Designer Rachael Levine-center

The first emerging designer to hit the runway was Rachael Levine's 
ARAE. This brand is, in my fashionable opinion, one of two most unique designers in the competition thus far. Arae uses 100% wool to 
make her signature line of fingerless gloves, scarves, and leg warmers all tie-dyed by hand.

 Granted, we don't need any of that in our sweltering heat, but I will be picking me up a pair of those fingerless gloves this fall.

But for the Shop Garment District, Arae gave us bare shoulder, sexy, femininity at its finest. I saw lunching with the girls to heading out to the club. This collection was styled by Vanessa Gonzales. She paired each piece with the beautiful Beltshazzar Jewels .

Azmara Asefa brought a very VERY nice collection to the runway. Architectural designs coupled with fashion are driving this designers level of creativity to new heights. Soft demure colors in strong geometric lines and cutouts make this a spectacular collection.

There was so much going on I actually wanted to see more! And to be paired with Beltshazzar Jewels was definitely on point.
This magical collaboration was perfected by Jenesis Styles. Fantastic job!

You know it's not a real party till beautiful models hit the catwalk

in breathtakingly beautiful swimwear. On this evening,

Charmosa Swimwear brought not only the sexy, but the fun side

of the brand too.

The deep mustard yellow two-piece with the long fringed skirt,

or cover up was to die for. Yep I said die for! I may have to

start a petition for Charmosa Swim to make a plus-size line lol. I

need to get my Charmosa on!

Cute Like Mad gave us a classy Jackie O vibe on top with the big round sunglasses and soft scoop neckline, but then went into

"time to get my groove on" on the bottom.

I love the fringe (screaming at the top of my voice) on the short mini!!

The bright colorful romper was super adorable and comfy looking.

Stylist Audree Kate did a great job pairing Maccimize and Beltshazzar Jewels with theses looks.

Look at that one piece!

Now, I would have to do my research, but I would bet there isn't much by way of athletic wear on the runway...until Haute Body showed up.

  Uber sexy active wear for today's modern woman. It's so true what they say about feeling good in your workout wear can make for a productive workout. I truly believe that.

I mean really, the sports bra comes with a built-in hoodie. A built-in! I would own the gym if I could look that stylish while sweating. Psst, Raquel let me know when you start carrying fluffier sizes thanks.


Natasha Duran Lynch

Since I have been following Hues of Ego these past few years, I felt pretty confident that we were going to get a couture show from Natasha Duran Lynch style. Well, let's just say Hues of Ego blew me away the most on the runway.

The four piece collection, styled by Nuvia Magdahi and coupled with Beltshazzar Jewels, took

you from morning, noon, in to night. Striking, bold, daring yet ladylike with the blush pink brocade-like designs.

But that body suit?! Oh me, oh my, I think the entire room gasped! You never cease to amaze us, Hues of Ego. Fantastic job!

 Next on stage came Laura Tanzer Designs. Beautiful classic linen shift dresses were suitable for

everyday wear. Coordinating blazers with the stand alone collar made the look quite posh. I can see

Laura Tanzer styles in any

corporate setting. The playful

red hemlines were a nice

added touch. I believe Totah 

Designs provided the baubles

for this collection.

This next designer has such a beautiful spirit inside and out. She

is Sherelle Hall of Leola Sky, which happens to be named after

her grandmother. I had the pleasure of interviewing this young

lady, which you can see on our Talking The Five page, earlier in

the evening and she is a cute as can be.

Leola Sky is free flowing with comfort and ease while being

quite stylish for everyday living.

The first word that pops into my head when I think of the next

designer Lily V Designs, I think whimsical. Vibrant colors that

are soothing and give way to a carefree attitude. Halter maxi

dress, short flowy skirts makes this a very doable collection.

Lily V

Breanna Skoon's Lousy Rich is the must have collection for every budding fashionista. The always 

fun LBD (Little Black Dress, for those of you who don't know) is the absolute must have for every

woman. And of course, I just about lost my mind over the pink 

tulle skirt. Again, I gotta get one of those. This collection is 

strong and demanding and gets two thumbs up from me.

The only menswear in this year's lineup definitely gives the ladies not only some great fashion but some great eye-candy as well. We love to see those make models working the runway. Medium Apparel Co is urban street wear no doubt.

The level of creativity within the designs of tee-shirts sets Medium apparel on top of the street wearables. Snap backs, skater tees, tie-dyed, camo, you name it.

There is something to be sought after by every guy looking for street cred. Stylist Tim Boado was right on the money.

When you think of Michelle Hebert words like heavenly, ethereal, romantic, dainty, feminine, avant garde, love...I could keep going. Michelle Hebert has been known for her one of a kind wedding gowns and evening wear where she merges art ad fashion to create spectacular pieces.

She has now launched herself into the world of lingerie with ever so dainty bralettes an matching panties. Michelle is unstoppable,. This collection styled by Jackie Marin.

Michi Knitwear is one of the most unique emerging designers I have seen in a while. Each piece in this collection is individually machine knitted to look like a piece of art. I am so impressed with the intricate details of this brand.

This brand is sophisticated, desirable, figure flattering and just downright beautiful. Paired with Totah Designs, I am ready to own one of everything! Michi Knitwear is truly wearable art. Incredible job!

And that's that. As you all can see, this year's competition is fierce. 13 emerging designers and 3 accessory designers vying for that big win in October is going to make for a great Phoenix Fashion Week. Stay tuned in and follow us to keep up on all the happenings with these amazing creators.

See you on the runway!

Toy Taylor

All photos were provided by Jim Johnson of 602 Photography. Thanks Jim!

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