Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Poetry Slam - 11/29-30/12 - Mesa Arts Center

In my daily travels to and from events, I have the opportunity to meet people, organizations, and companies on the ride or the journey.  Whether it be by circumstance or coincidence, I often learn about more great things going on in the community beyond my current view.  I had the great fortune of meeting an individual representing G Road Organization.  Because their focus is on empowerment of young people, I have a soft place in my heart for these type of supporting organizations.  This Thursday (11/29) and Friday (11/30), they are holding a Poetry Program Event.  The details are shared below.

Event: Phonetic Spit's City Wide Slam is Thursday and Friday at the Mesa Arts Center.  Thursday are the Preliminary Bouts that begin at 5:30 pm.  Friday is the Final Stage Championship beginning at 5:15 pm.

G Road is a non-profit organization based out of Phoenix, Arizona that supports individuals as they build character and develop sustainable values through programs, events, and services that are designed to help them and their communities reach their full potential. G Road connects people with their passions and uses their platform to encourage and teach these useful values: Responsibility, Integrity, Community, Respect, Compassion, and Awareness.
Mission:  To build character and sustainable values through sports, arts, education and community outreach.

Vision:  To see positive development and unity amongst communities as individuals are motivated to take steps to reach their full potential.

Goal for event: To creates a safe space to empower young people to establish their voice and use it to become driven and contributing citizens of the world using the art of spoken word poetry in an effort to combat illiteracy and silence.  Also, to create awareness and growth.


Monday, November 19, 2012

From the Apocalypse to New Age of Aquarius

There are many organizations and charities that need assistance year round.  Those same organizations and charities support many creative avenues that can benefit several in the community from children to adults. One of those organizations is the Arizona Consortium for the Arts, Inc. They are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, community organization. The consortium's vision is to establish a multicultural, multidisciplinary arts center with an open door policy. Their programs seek to help nurture and support under-served and economically disadvantaged populations through the promotion of the arts.  They are dedicated to creating a connection with our diverse community through artistic, cultural and educational events.

You might be asking what this event "Apocalypse to Aquarius" is all about.  Since December 21, 2012 is recognized as ushering in the New Age of Aquarius and the passing of the Apocalyptic end via the Mayan Calendar, what a better way to celebrate December than with a party.  In addition to this idea, it is also commonly know that during certain holidays that birthdays some times get lost in the mix of all the commercial marketing and publicity and the hustle and bustle of the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.  With all these things in mind, what a better way to celebrate with a purpose, enjoy December Birthday's and then support a cornerstone organization in the Arizona community than with a fun filled artistic costume party.

The theme of the costume party is the New Age of Aquarius and will be decorated to fit the 60's and 70's with great music provided by DJ Donovan Hypes.  The event will be hosted by the newest location established for the artistic community, The A.R.C. (artistic resource center) 4635 N. Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, Arizona 85015.  Thanks to Monarch Media for supporting the event along with several designers and other artists coming out from the community there will be lots to have fun with.
So you want to support the artist community, you have a birthday to celebrate in December and want to get your groove back with a hippie in style dancing flare, check this event out and make a difference at the same time.

Event Details:
December Birthday Celebrations - Costume party (costume is not required)
12-01-2012, Saturday, 7 pm - 12 am

Designers - Fashion

Benefiting Arizona Consortium for the Arts,
To celebrate December Birthdays and to welcome in the New Age of Aquarius for the Year 2013 - Celebrating all Artists (Film, Fashion, Music, Arts, Entertainment), those that appreciate Artists, and everyone who has a birthday in December. Creating a fun, colorful event for all.
Ticket Price
$15.00 per person (in Advance)
$20.00 per person (at the Door)

Ticket cover includes:
Drinks (Beer & Wine, non-alcoholic drinks)
Birthday Cake
Artist rooms for showcasing - interested parties send email to for more information.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Benefit Fundraiser for the East Valley Boys and Girls Clubs!!

Friday, November 9th, Hard Rock Cafe, Phoenix, AZ - 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Joe Draper at The Hard Rock Cafe!! Benefit Fundraiser for the East Valley Boys and Girls Clubs!!
Message from Joe Draper - "I'd like to invite everyone to my first headlining weekend show at the Hard Rock Cafe! It's a free, all-ages, post-Suns game party. We're also doing this concert in support of the Boys and Girls Club. Please come down, support a good cause and enjoy the evening with us!"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Polo Season Begins in Scottsdale This Saturday

Saturday, October 20th, 2012 at 10:00 am gates open to Arizona Polo Season at Westworld in Scottsdale.  This is the day of the Polo Championships presented by Scottsdale Polo Championships:  Horses and Horsepower.   I had the opportunity to interview Diego Fernando Florez, Club Manager of the Arizona Polo Club about the event this coming Saturday and the club.  Here's a summary of our discussion.

Why is it important to support Polo here in Arizona?

Polo is a unique sport that is a high end sport for high end brands. It is also a very family oriented sport. Its a different sport that can be enjoyed by many and is actually very accessible to those interested.  One of the programs they are working to develop is a low-income program for kids to learn how to ride horses and actually learn about playing polo. They specifically want to also target certain populations such foster kids who would not normally have access to these type of programs.

Who are the audiences or type of individuals that the Arizona Polo Club – Scottsdale are trying to reach?

The audience normally is comprised of individual spectators that love the sport, actual players, those that enjoy horsemanship and horses. Polo is a challenging sport and many who are sports oriented off the golf course and football field would appreciate this sport. Older individuals definitely can appreciate the sport for a great afternoon outing. They are really hoping to bring this sport to the youth and encourage more involvement from them through youth and interscholastic programs. Many times the matches are free and open to the public for them to see.

The Polo sport has been in Arizona for over 80 years and it has just been over the last two years that the club has really been working to develop the following with the help of the United States Polo Association. Currently they have over 2000 followers with 300 to 500 active regular participants / supporters locally. There are many at different levels of experience and ladies are the fastest growing segment as well. The common age range for individuals that start is around 32 – 37 where the individuals are looking to focus on the sport for the first time or are coming back to it after playing the sport in school or college.

What does the Polo Club in Scottsdale hope for as a result of the championship being held here?

They want everyone who participates to have a great experience with great Polo matches. They will also be hosting a clinic the next day on October 21st, to give individuals that would like to learn more about Polo and try it out and opportunity to talk and learn about it first-hand. They hope this will be an opportunity to educate potential students, players, and sponsors as well those whom can help to support and spread the word about what the Polo sport can do for the community.

In addition the Arizona Polo Club shares there are many ways to enjoy the sport here beyond the championshp such as with holiday parties and even corporate outings which is a nice way to treat customers and employees by taking them to a Polo Match.  Interested parties can contact Diego Florez at the club for hosting and coordination details.

What are the other big events for Polo here in Arizona besides the championship on October 20, 2012?

The Arizona Polo Club has developed a Polo Series of four (4) main events – besides the championship there is the Holiday Cup, Spring Sponsors and the Queen’s Cup on April 23rd, 2013. These represent the beginning, middle, and end of the season which runs from November to April.

The big matches on Saturday will be Arizona Polo Club and Colombia for the morning match, followed by Harvard University and Philadelphia’s Work to Ride. There will be numerous players to watch out and cheer for.

The final thoughts from Diego Fernando Florez, Club Manager of Arizona Polo Club Scottsdale are that you shouldn’t be afraid to come out and try the sport. They have available the Polo School that will help you learn everything you need to know about Polo. They will even teach you how to ride. It’s a great family friendly sport and wonderful way to spend your time during the season.

For more information on schedule, tickets, and programs can be obtained from the websites below: or

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Into the Night With Fashion

Furne One Design
I'm not gonna lie.  Phoenix Fashion Week 2012 at Talking Stick Resort totally rocked this year.  With nine designers on runway every night, the anticipation of seeing what would be presented kept the energy high and the excitement heavy.  Furne One, the featured designer, from Dubai and known as designer to the stars dominated the final runway on Saturday night with the 31 piece collection that was masterfully displayed on local and international top models including America's Next Top Model, Raina Hein.

Collins College Designer
The entire team of Phoenix Fashion Week worked hard to deliver on every level.  Thursday proved they had done their job on marketing and promoting the event effectively as they were overwhelmed with attendance on the first night of runway which made the anticipation greater even for experienced fashionistas, media, photographers, and everyone behind the scenes.  The maturity in the Fashion Week program is obvious in that they worked effectively to manage the crowds and successfully place everyone who attended.  Talking Stick Resort only enabled success for this years show as the venue is highly compatible with they type of event program.  It allows that for every seat and standing room it's virtually impossible to have a bad view of runway.  The media lounge and the photographer's pit (House Photographers - Mikel Florman, Stella Crowl, Steve Trujillo, Rizalde Sherwood and Support Photography - Rosemary Woods) was filled to capacity and beyond.  The fan fare and followers showed representation of a strong and ever evolving program here in Arizona.  Brian Hill, the Executive Director for Phoenix Fashion Week, along with his strong front team of Brenna Moses, Christina Ziegler, Lauren Pfingstag and the rest of the supporting teams and ambassadors brought their best and demonstrated they can host a next level Fashion Week that is ground breaking, innovative, and full of the strongest and most talented designers and models from near to far.
Collins College Designer

The emerging designers ruled this week as this was their reward to the program that brought them to this final stage.  I had the amazing privilege of talking with each the emerging designers in advance of the actual week of runway and Shop Villa.  What I learned about each designer and what they brought to the runway with their 2013 Spring Collections was that they all put their heart and soul into what they delivered to the fanatical audiences that attended each night.  Even though it was crescendo structure from casual and trendy on Thursday night to glamorous and elegant Saturday night, every designer decorated the runway with textures, colors, patterns, structures, accessories, lace, embellishments, beads, and more.

Collins College Designer
Thursday night  Living Dreams, OfraStyle, Shawl Dawls, and Samantha Patterson presented their new lines with amazing colors and innovation in their designs that could actually complete ones wardrobe very simply with just their apparel.  Friday night  EYE Thread, JHaus, Paulie Gibson, and Sew Twisted Designs showed who was boss and rocked the runway with unique performance and style with luxury accessories and handbags to dramatic costume wear and don't forget the Denim and the Tribe men's line.  Saturday night Bri Seeley, ENVY by Khanh, Italia Rocks Couture, and Suzanne Lay finished the evening with bold, beautiful, sexy, colorful, glitzy and flowing beauty with splendor and magnificence across all the details.  I know people that could wear their clothes and that is a fashion statement.  Collectively, this group of twelve designers are ahead of all the rest and I am honored to have been present to see their celebration on stage for their passion and love of fashion and design.
Bri Seeley Design

The final words of congratulations have to go to the winner of the Emerging Designer competition, Bri Seeley.  Her line presented as if you were at a beautiful beach resort without a care in the world and you could feel the cool breeze of the ocean flowing on to you as you relaxed on your beach lounge chair.  Refreshing, soft, light, full of life and movement is the best way I can relate the feeling you have when visualizing Bri Seeley's line.  Stay tuned for Bri and the other emerging designer developings as I will continue to follow them in their progress and new launches.  Happy Phoenix Fashion Week 2012!!!!!!

Editor's Note:  More pictures to come!! Pending editing from photographers.

Friday, October 5, 2012

“New World Order”, The Movie – Are you ready for the Apocalypse?

By Eva Louis, Film & Fashion Futures, October 4, 2012

NWO is the latest acronym that you will want to know.  Duane A. McCoy and Antoinette McCoy of DNA FILMWORKS, subsidiary of Epic Royal Entertainment, are producing the latest apocalyptic movie called “New World Order” (NWO).  The story line is the journey of two women who are faced with a most important decision that will affect the rest of their lives and the impact they have on others.  Do they choose to live under the anti-christ or choose to die for the testimony of Jesus Christ?  The inspiration for the movie came from a vision that came to Duane several years ago and was placed on his heart by God.  Moved by God, Duane and Antoinette started writing the script which has evolved into the “New World Order” movie.  Duane and Antoinette finished writing the script quickly as they were touched and led by the Spirit to do so.  Their desire to eventually complete this movie project came after Duane and Antoinette produced their gospel artist “NexWorld” music video in April 2010. It wasn't until last year that they finally pushed forward to make it.  The movie has just finished filming this first week of October. 

Arizona was natural choice for filming for many reasons; initially the cost to produce the movie here was more effective and in-line with their foundation strategies on the movie.  In addition to cost, Arizona has turned out to be also very rich with cast members that have participated fully and brought to life a script that is going to touch many.  As the filming has progressed, some of the highlights have revolved around the cast and crew already sharing feedback at how the movie has impacted their lives along with the testimonials they have about the love they feel from the whole production team and everyone.  The point of the movie is a strong message and the fact that it is already resonating internally only leads one to believe that the message is articulated well in the script.  The movie includes incredible action scenes that add volumes to the representation and intensity of the story.  It is important for others to know that Duane and Antoinette’s hope is to educate and make the story of salvation understandable.  They want to share about the trials and tribulations and where we are as a people.  The message explains that we are already a church and that as believers or non-believers there will be choices that need to be made to escape the wrath of God. They want to encourage living life in such a way that souls will not be lost in the end, but won over to Jesus Christ.

During the production of this movie, DNA FILMWORKS, announced that they had entered into a two-year unlimited run Licensing Agreement with Parable HD, LLC.  This agreement will enable broadcast distribution through television and related forums.  DNA FILM WORKS hopes to raise funding through donations and sponsorships to help evolve the organization to be fully independent, maintain creative control, and increase the distribution capability for future productions.  They are seeking to be debt-free in the process of production while working with the local community and businesses to develop support for them as well through collaboration and joint activities to encourage economic support as well.

This is only the beginning for this young production team that is seeking to produce and distribute above the line Christian movies that target a broad audience worldwide.  “The New World Order” story came from a larger trilogy concept about the apocalypse called the King of Kings, so there WILL BE more to come.  The "New World Order" Movie will run at AMC Westgate Theatre Sunday, December 16th at 7pm for a limited audience with the first television showing on Christmas Day, December 25, 2012.

For more information about the movie and the production companies see below for contact details.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fashion - Fashion - Fashion - Love!!!!!

Photography by Jet Set Media - Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Casino
Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort blitz has started.  Yesterday two major gatherings occurred.  The first one was Media Day was hosted by Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort where several of the emerging designers, established designers, and accessory designers were able to interact with the media that will be attending and representing to the world the happenings for this week.  There was a significant turnout and the photographers were already focusing their lenses on the models as they were among the attendees as well.  There was an aurora of excitement from many that the day had finally come and everyone was ready to get their fashion on.   The second major event was the Fashionably Pink Celebrity Fashion Show hosted at the Musical Instrument Museum.  The support showed up in style and more.   The festivities began with an amazing cocktail reception where mix and mingling occurred between designers, models, family, friends, and other supporters prior to the Fashion Show beginning.  This is the fourth year this event has been held as part of the series of activities associated to Fashion Week.  The highlight of the event was the Fashion Show and the most special guest on the agenda who gave the show greeting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, Founder and CEO, Nancy Brinker.  The show had standing ovations throughout the event for the Breast Cancer Survivors that walked and represented the designers and major fashion sponsors.  Fashionistas and the like couldn’t have enjoyed a better Wednesday then with all the love, appreciation and support that existed at these events.  We are looking forward to another incredible night; watch out for the designer runway with Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fashionista Dreams in Style, Designer Article Series, Part 12

This is the last article and concludes the 12-part series for the Emerging Designers from Phoenix Fashion Week. I thought this day would not come as the final designer almost became coined as the "Elusive One" in my book. For those of you not familiar with what happens behind the scenes of a Fashion Week, you must know that the designers and everyone involved have an incredible amount of work and time invested in bringing their creations and all moving parts of the shows, events, and activities to fruition as well as doing what they do daily to support their efforts. Knowing that every designer needed that opportunity to be showcased, I continued to follow my instinct and kept reaching out until the opportunity afforded itself. I finally got my chance to interview the last designer.

Sew Twisted Designs stood out from the day of the announcement at MIM where Phoenix Fashion Week shared who the Emerging Designers were. Brooke Alicia Reyes reflected herself as a spunky, strong and determined participant. This is evident in the story of her last year. Brooke self-taught herself how to sew at first as a result of theatrical costume needs. Brooke’s experience with theater and stage plays has really been what her life has been about. The idea of becoming a fashion designer really never crossed her mind and was not an original intention. Her journey down this path started after the creation of her first garment last year. Pictures were taken of the garment and the rest is history. That one action created a whirlwind of buzz about what she made and then requests came in for her to create more. After a couple of months her first fall collection in 2011 came to be. Brooke has held on to her core foundation of her influences of literature, pop culture, and characters. For Sew Twisted the designs really represent wearable costumes versus what most would call fashion. These costumes are about apparel that feels good, looks nice, and allows an individual to become something they weren’t before they put the clothing on. Brooke’s imagination leads her to the fabrics for her designs as she visualizes what is part of the look and would go so far as to say, fabric that turns her on is what she would choose for the creations.

Because of Brooke’s extensive influences as a Thespian, she has a quote that has resonated for her and she has expanded on: "All the world’s a stage," quote from As You Like It by William Shakespeare. Brooke Alicia Reyes’s quote is: "If all the world is a stage, then what is fashion, but the costume of our everyday lives." Sew Twisted Designs entered this project of Phoenix Fashion Week 2012 with specific goals and original dreams of grandeur. What Sew Twisted Designs has gained from the program offered by Phoenix Fashion Week is much of what is needed to be successful in the business of fashion – finding a manufacturer, creating a realistic budget, understanding advertising, and basically all the tools and advice necessary to do business in a better way and to become independent and be practical about how to operate and achieve the goals.

Sew Twisted Designs comments speaks volumes to the program that is offered by Phoenix Fashion Week and many of the goals and messaging they want to share with the marketplace not only here in Arizona but beyond. As we enter the last hours before the official Phoenix Fashion Week 2012 begins, the journey that so many have traveled to get here will be celebrated and it is a wonderful offering that anyone part of should absolutely be proud to be part of. Let’s get our chic on and spread the love of fashion by supporting all involved and join us in our appreciation of what Phoenix Fashion Week as brought to the valley!!

Twitter:  @SewTwisted

Photos by Neil Peters Fotographie
Make-up and Hair by Danielle Gary
Valeria Romero
Monica Lam
Emma Clauson
Andreyha Seraphin
Tauni Riggi

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fashionista Dreams in Style, Designer Article Series, Part 11

Fashion is more than universal.  There is a spirit of change that is embodied in the outfits that we wear and there is a message and sense of being that comes from finding that style which fits you.  This article series is being written to allow you a sneak peek into the lives of some of designers that are part of the 2012 Phoenix Fashion Week.  The interviews comprise of candid discussions and questions asked of the designers and my interpretation of their answers.   The write-up will be a summary of the conversation.

Paulie Gibson always had fashion on his mind since he was a little boy.  He actually can’t remember a time when he was not involved somehow with fashion and this is mostly attributed to his mom.  There were several contributing factors to his heightened developed sense of fashion.  Paulie experienced life challenges like many do based on family structure changes and the economy; however, he learned through his mother to be resourceful and creative and to reflect an appearance that made him feel good no matter what the circumstances that laid behind.  This was the strength that has pushed him forward.  In high school Paulie learned of a fashion school and his destiny was clear, he would pursue what he had always known.
Paulie’s favorite part of fashion is the transformation and the power in clothes, in how it controls perceptions and the overall transformative quality that exists and is so important.  If you feel good and look good in what you wear, it helps to diminish the less important things that really don’t matter.  He has used fashion to express his unique personality.  Paulie Gibson uses colors to relate feelings and adapted a feelings philosophy to the clothes.  As he was raised in the Midwest, the experience in fashion there is that everyone generally looks the same.  For Paulie being inside the box did not allow for individualism to be expressed.  This is how his clothing line was born.  Paulie Gibson is a reflection of uniqueness, clever and outstanding designs that are not mainstream; however, they are classic and powerful at the same time.  Even though men traditionally seek to fit in the crowd, there are those out there that don’t want to be like everyone else.  The clothes from Paulie Gibson are designed to make a man feel special and confident in their own style. 

The latest collection created by Paulie Gibson, called Tribe, was inspired on a trip made out west to California and Paul’s exposure to Southwestern culture.  The theme speaks to how we all actually come from different tribes and how there is and can be inclusion.  It highlights the idea of being family, being one, and celebrating the differences we have.  The designs are heavy with print on print and the fabrics range from rayon to chiffon to enable a creative utilization of different textures to bring out the sexy in men’s clothing.  The designs are infused with color and energy and spill over with what can only be described as a cosmic vibe.  Paulie Gibson believes that the truest fashion is when one gives of themselves and looks inside and exudes that feeling.  Paulie Gibson clothes embrace a man with energy, strength, and style in such a manner that can only deliver that sense of individuality and uniqueness that brings the fashion alive.  As the tribes of designers gather together at Phoenix Fashion Week 2012, lets experience the celestial ambiance that only Paulie Gibson can deliver.

Twitter:  @PG1213

Fashionista Dreams in Style, Designer Article Series, Part 10

Knowing who you are and how you feel is clearly portrayed in one’s fashion choices.  Designers exist to feed the world with their love of creation.  This article series is being written to allow you a sneak peek into the lives of some of designers that are part of the 2012 Phoenix Fashion Week.  The interviews comprise of candid discussions and questions asked of the designers and my interpretation of their answers.   The write-up will be a summary of the conversation.
ENVY by Khanh began his journey into fashion because he wanted to see his sketches come to life.  This was his dream and his family and friends have encouraged him along the way.  Khanh has always loved to draw and he majored in drawing and painting in school at ASU.  He embodies the vision of a true fashion designer in that he really designs the clothes and allows others the opportunity to actually bring them to fruition and make the clothes he had sketched.  He realizes where his gift and talents are and through that has aligned with expert seamstresses and tailors that he trusts to make the creations from his ideas and drawings.  Even though he does not sew his designs himself, he learned the key elements to help him design better in addition he developed a strong understanding of placement and accessorizing which helps in finishing the creations.
ENVY by Khanh is known for the geometric look and asymmetry in many of his designs.  Khanh has a specific method he uses to balance his designs especially as it relates to colors.  If the designs are complicated and bold, then he uses dark colors and usually no more than one color.  If the designs are simple then more colors and contrasting colors are used as the focal point.  ENVY by Khanh uses high quality fabric that is comfortable and has a higher price point.  His specific fabric content blend is 60% polyester and 40% cotton which allows his designs to be elegant and all machine washable and even wrinkle-free.  Khanh is working to make the apparel easier to care for and a staple for every woman to have. 
  ENVY by Khanh wants to convey the message through the clothing line that women should have and be bold, elegant and sophisticated and they should stand out when clothed with his designs.  They should feel comfortable with the flexible and tailored designs to have a figure flattering feeling with the form fitting clothing that makes them feel good about themselves.  In the future ENVY is planning to develop a men’s clothing line.   Khanh plans to distribute worldwide and also in small boutiques.   There are many more exciting ideas and concepts that will be introduced by ENVY in 2013 and beyond.  As we enter Phoenix Fashion Week 2012, Khanh plans to be explosive on the runway and make everyone ENVY!!!

Twitter:  @ENVYbyKhanh