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Oh yes, my fellow fashion lovers, the wait is finally over! After 2 years of stop-everything-in-its-tracks, we are getting the 
best fashion show in the Southwest back. That's right! Phoenix Fashion Week will be hitting the runway this Spring 2022 on April 15-16. They are coming back with a force to be reckoned with. 

    This long awaited soiree is getting some new digs this year. The show will be a more intimate affair with a smaller venue and a smaller show being held at the luxurious event center Chateau Luxe in North Phoenix.

    There will be two days of runway love instead of three which are jammed packed with community designers, emerging designers, established designers and more. Of course, the Style Villa will be in full effect where you can pick up a piece or two from the participating designers and thensome. Although scaled down in size, I expect this fashion show to bring grand aspirations of excellent quality. For all the VIPers in the house t
he upscaled VIP Champagne Lounge has been elevated to another level. This is sure to be the talk of the town with award winning Private Chef Will Turner in the house working his magic.

    It has been 2 years since the valley of the sun has seen a star studded event like Phoenix Fashion Week. I don't know about you but I am ready for a jaw-dropping, eye-popping fashion show to kick us into spring. Are you not ready to see what a 2 year long pandemic and being shut-ins at home can bring to the runway? The hype is real!! We all took a hit emotionally and physically from the world being in crisis. Some have bounced back nicely proving life resumes as normal whereas others have had a more stressful time of doing just that. As time goes on we see life as we know it to start working itself back around to some sort of normalcy. This right here is why WE NEED to see Phoenix Fashion Week make their grand return to the runway. Executive Director Brian Hill and his team made sure this show would be as spectacular as ever. 


Photo credit: @cnsphoto

    Recently the Top 40 Models were introduced to us at Chateau Luxe. The female and male models will both be looking to win title of Model of the Year each. Throughout their strenuous preparations for the big day ahead, the models will compete in different challenges (Best Headshot, Best Group Challenge etc), have countless photo shoots and fittings. 

Photo credit: @iam_romencole

Each will be looking to score the winning title and a modeling contract with the Agency Arizona. I got my eye on a few favorites already. Show some love and support by following these talented humans on their journey to that 88-foot runway. 

Find them on Instagram:

@iamtheaisha, @alekherrera, @__alicialeal__, @annastasia_stock, @andreaspiv, @annajacquelinee, @aspenharrison, @cami.cuffari, @zerohawkofficial, @kotablue, @davidross_official, @devaughn_jones, @emmaliseab, @eri.ka_rose, @gabriellaamores, @hailey.k.hines, @ishara_rose_s, @jadenajee,, @j0seph_m0rris, @josispar, @kelseycmkelleher, @kiyra.t, @lo.spoon, @lexypuhlick, @lyzavanzee, @maddiemilton_, @miriahks, @noahcaldwell, @livdefalco, @parkerwyattofficial, @pbushaw, @peyytonwilliamss, @reynastockwell. @grizzthewiz @smariejones_ @shane.mosley, @s.yennelly @shea_fretz1 @_.rone_, @verarosalind


    It is business as usual for the emerging designers. I mean game on! Each designer has been handpicked by the Phoenix Fashion Week team taking into account the brand and how its impact will represent PhxFW on a global scale. They have been put through a rigorous bootcamp where they have learned from A-Z what it takes to not only make the clothes but to actually brand yourself to create a successful and sustaining fashion business. 

    The education spans from marketing, merchandising, sales, community connections and more. Powerhouse mentors like Kym Gold (True Religion Jeans) have stepped up in past seasons in educating the emerging designers giving them solid clarification in building their business. For Spring 2022 we are given 4, yes I said 4, strong emerging designers. Remember we were in a 2 year pandemic. Only the strong has survived the harsh world of fashion. It takes a lot of perseverance to make it to the runway. Who will be your favorite? Find these emerging designers on Instagram an show them some fashionable love.

1. House of Mae Noir (@houseofmaenoir)  

    "Designs Contemporary Fashion For the Darkly Romantic"


2. Red Berry Woman (@red_berry_woman)

    "Influencing Fashion For the Progressive With Authentic Native
American Culture" 

3. Senti Designs (@sentidesigns)

    "Innovating West African Attire 

     For the Modern Man"

4. Sunlight Lover (@sunlightlovershop)

    "Creating Bohemian Inspired Resort Wear For Chic Women"

    When it comes to a Phoenix Fashion Week runway show it's not only about the who's the best top model or the best emerging designer. It is also about community and having a platform to showcase rising fashion designers. We also get to see designers who made it! 

    I am elated to see the return of an emerging designer who is now an established designer ready to hit the runway in his own unique style. Yes I am talking about JC Donaldson. I met this young man several PhxFW's ago where he blew us away with his Being Dapper men's line. I still have my NAHBRO t-shirt lol. This men's line is sexy!! 

    After several chats with JC, I knew there was something extra special inside this young man. 

    What you may not realize is that wanting and becoming a fashion designer takes not only a skillset, it takes crazy determination that pushes you through ALL the ebbs and flows of building a brand. 

    JC was not to be discouraged nor was he going anywhere. Through his mentorship in the emerging designer bootcamp program and becoming an accredited fashion designer proved his unwavering disposition will keep him in the realm of fashion and one of Phoenix fashion Week's Established Designers. 

Who by the way will be Friday night's finale. Now we get to see high fashion for both men and women from the established House of Donaldson. Way to go JC!! 

    Friday night's lineup will consist of high couture fashion from the lovely Svetik Haute Couture (one of the baddest bridal and high fashion couture to hit the Southwest runway), community designers, and of course the Little Black Dress Challenge is a fun one. This night is packed with fashion! Fabric Friday is sponsored by the global fashion technology leader Kornit Digital. Angela Johnson of LabelHorde will also be on the runway. These two days are going to be wild! There are more than 20 runway shows spanned over Friday and Saturday. I hope you got your tickets. 

Satruday night's lineup is dubbed LUXURY. Need I say more? We have:

Elevee Lifestyle

Chinese Laundry

Resty LaGare

Eli Madi from Kuwait

For The Stars Fashion House

Angelo Estera as the Grand Finale

and of course our Emerging Designers

This night is going to be on overload to say the least. Chateau Luxe is going to lit April 15 & 16. If you are still in need of tickets click here and enter code EVAFASHIONISTA to receive 20% off. 

We here at Film and Fashion Futures want to express our love and remembrance for a very special and unique avant-garde couture designer Rocky Gathercole. The passing of Rocky was devastating to the fashion world. His runway productions were just that a PRODUCTION. Watching his masterpieces grace the runway put you in a trance. The pieces were magnificent. I had the pleasure interviewing him after several shows and found him to be the most fascinating yet humble person. I truly feel honored to have known him. Gone yet never forgotten. We miss you Rocky!


Now grab your tickets and we will see you on the runway!

Sunday, February 13, 2022

The Seed of Consequences, Latest Feature Film from MindSteam Films

Visit The Seed of Consequences Website for all the film details:

"The Seed of Consequences" was completed in the fall of 2021 and has experienced some great success since the initial private screening for cast and crew in September 2021 at the Harkins Tempe Marketplace Theatres. The film has been selected by the Miami Indie Film Awards, Toronto Film and Script Awards, Chandler Film Festival, New York Independent Cinema Awards, and Roma Film Festival.  

The film boasts a solid cast and the integration and use of Spanglish language brings authenticity to the lead characters background and helps to demonstrate the influences from culture they live in and helps to develop and deepen the experience of the characters.

MindSteam Films promotes independent film projects focused on compelling stories driven by characters finding their way through life's challenges ranging from the everyday to paranormal.  The director of the the feature film is looking forward to the next phase of marketing, sales, and distribution as the film is completed and ready for release once the appropriate markets are identified.

LOGLINE: Desperate to save his relationship with his son, Ramon finds that his past ways threaten to destroy those he loves most.

SYNOPSIS: Trying to escape his past history of violence, Ramon faces new challenges as he deals with his inner impulses. While trying to salvage his relationship with his son, Umberto, his wife, Maria, files for divorce threatening to block Ramon from seeing Umberto. After Ramon’s recent loss of his job forces him to to seek desperate options, he succumbs to a woman’s offer for help. While initially resisting her plan, he finds his violent ways are too much to overcome which set in motion unexpected consequences.

T Severe, Ph.D. - Writer/Director/Producer

Tony, “T” Severe, is a Phoenix-based filmmaker who has had films place in local and international film festivals. His storytelling focuses on compelling narratives driven by characters navigating their way through life’s challenges. As a filmmaker he actively promotes gender and ethnic diversity in all his projects. His current project, The Seed of Consequences, was specifically developed to highlight the contribution of Hispanic actors.

Tony also serves as a Board Member of Phoenix Screenwriters Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating screenwriters. In addition, he is a past board member of AzFDMC (Arizona Film and Digital Media Coalition) and has served on the advisory board to the Scottsdale Community College School of Film + Theater and been a speaker at various film events.

Prior to his filmmaking career, Tony was a psychologist and has served as Adjunct Faculty teaching at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Grand Canyon University and South Mountain Community College. He brings his background of counseling thousands of families into the story development of The Seed of Consequences.

Cast of key characters from "The Seed of Consequences"

  • Jason Aguilar as Ramon
  • Andrea Hickey as Cici
  • Marissa Alcantar as Maria
  • Daniel Link as Deakin
  • William Polo as Umberto
  • Julie Van Lith as Eve
  • Jessica Y. Martin as Women's Counselor
  • Mark Speno as Counselor
  • Greg Lutz as Charles
  • Kenya Vasquez as Ms. Martina
  • William Kenny as Ramon's Attorney
  • John Carr as Drunk at bar
  • Ruben Angelo as Mr. Campero
  • Kevin R. Phipps as Emergency medical tech
  • Reavis Dorsey as Police officer at warehouse
  • Ben Vazquez as Nico
  • Tabitha Spivey as Unemployment Agent
  • Dave Hollander as Business owner
  • Mark DeBoer as Judge Thornton
  • Michelle Y. Allen as Women's group
  • Brenda Jean Foley as Police officer at crime scene
  • Danny Zavala as Nico's driver
  • Yovani Martinez Ruiz as Jorge
  • Felicity Heron as Club Singer
  • Eddie Wockenfuss as Bo
  • Danni Tarlowski as Summons server
  • Daniela Cavanzo as Dr. Guzman
  • Melissa Quintans as Consuelo
  • Freddie Germany as Bartender
  • Denisse Hermosillo as Christina
  • Shannon Dia as Emergency medical tech
  • Daniel A. Rodriguez as Self
  • Jorge Ismael Terrazas as Mr. Acuna
  • Javier Olivares as Gilberto
  • Staceye Beatty as Extra
  • Elizabeth Reissig as Women's group

To learn more and reach out to the production team, contact and follow to stay up to date on film news.

Friday, February 4, 2022

Life of Consequences Feature Film Screening Scheduled

LIfe of Consequences Event Details

When you have to face the consequences of your actions the outcome can affect so many others is the premise of the latest feature film by Chronic Behavior LLC Film Productions. CBLLC is excited to announce the upcoming screening as part of the Worldwide Women's Film Festival held in February 2022 in Scottsdale, AZ at the Harkins Shea 14 Theatres.
Originally published SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Jan. 16, 2022 - PRLog -- Chronic Behavior LLC Film Productions will be screening their latest feature film, "Life of Consequences", a drama film included as part of the Worldwide Women's Film Festival.

The story is focused on relationships and when tragedy happens who is really in your corner. Film Synopsis: When a man has to face the consequences of having caused a fatal accident, where does he turn? Seeking hope and support from those closest to him causes him to ponder his own mortality. He must make a choice to ease his own suffering and the suffering of others.

The film includes an all Arizona based film crew (predominantly female) and actors from the local community. This is the first feature film directed by Eva Louis and written by Daniel Blunck, who is also starring in the film.  Angie Gomez, from Superior, AZ, is starring in her first feature film and is a local celebrity singer and performer with Powerdrive Band. Fern Hoover, from Case Grande, AZ is known for her role in the TV Series, "Adam Ruins Everything" as well as a model for several designers in the fashion community.

Other notable featured actors are Hermann Plank (board advisor to Phoenix Fashion Week), Loren Aragon (designer for ACONAV), Marshall Shore (Hip Historian), Darnell Autry (actor and former NFL player with the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears), Tammy Hamati, Sam Hamati, Nick Koester, Jocelyn Botero, Gail Friend, Jared Keesling, Val Navarro, Ella Scofield, Sylvie Cohen, and Valentina Aragon.

Screening is on Sunday, Feb 20, 2022 at 6:03 pm
Tickets are available from
Film Trailer:

Check IMDB for all the film details:

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Tips for Starting a Business During the Pandemic

Guest Post written by Derek Goodman
Image via Pexels

Image via Pexels

The pandemic has derailed plans for many. From postponed weddings to canceled vacations, this has been a year of forced flexibility. While it may seem a daunting time to launch a new business, budding entrepreneurs shouldn’t be discouraged by the shifting landscape caused by COVID-19. There are still opportunities to succeed as a business owner.

Entrepreneurship amidst a pandemic

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, just as Entrepreneur suggests, a crisis can be a game changer: often, troubling times shake up the status quo and usher in new opportunities. Not only does it pop the bubble of tradition, but it also creates new needs and changes the rules.

The status quo often goes unchallenged in prosperous times, because as the adage goes, if it’s not broken, why fix it? However, conflict often leads to growth, and this pandemic has forced entire industries to question their practices and find ways to survive in a changing world. As an entrepreneur, you’ll have the opportunity to adapt and provide something new to your customers, making the rules up as you go. 

Silver linings for new businesses

Starting your business as others are calling it quits could feel risky, but there are some great reasons to start a business right now: interest rates are much lower than usual, and for new businesses such as restaurants and cafes, there might be an opportunity to find low-cost equipment from other businesses that have closed.

Many business owners choose to get business loans to help raise startup funds. The pandemic created some new options for entrepreneurs looking to get business loans, as the CARES Act was developed specifically in response to COVID-19’s impact on small businesses. See if you qualify and take advantage of the low-interest rates available during the pandemic.

Making the most of your funding

As you start to build your business, making the most of your startup capital is vital. Make a solid plan for how you’ll use the funds; as Business News Daily recommends, think in terms of focusing on growth potential with every dollar.

One great way to spend startup money is on the equipment you’ll need to do your business. This will be different for every business. For instance, if you run a small e-commerce website, a new laptop might be ideal. Or, if you’re in construction, buying new tools or machinery might be necessary to get started. Using money from business loans or startup investments to pay for essential equipment will help you launch your business without roadblocks.

If you have your sights set on expansion, using startup funds for hiring is a great idea. When you hire staff, you relieve yourself of daily tasks and will have more time to focus on growing the business. Another great aspect of hiring is that you can begin to offer new services, which will eventually help bring in more cash flow.

Going back to school

If it still doesn’t feel like the right time to start a business, consider going back to school to help propel your entrepreneurial aspirations. By obtaining an online business degree, you’ll learn valuable skills for how to create and grow your business dreams when the time is right. You can learn business management, management and leadership, or marketing that will help you launch your company with confidence and knowledge to back you up.

If you have an entrepreneurial streak, don’t let the pandemic wipe out your dreams. Rather, use these resources to develop your business idea. Because of the pandemic, you have an opportunity to get low-interest business loans that you can use to buy equipment, hire staff, and invest in the future of your business. However, if you feel like you need more knowledge to help you get started, consider pursuing an online business degree to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

If you need help getting your business off the ground, Chronic Behavior can help with everything from promoting your business to making sure you have the right overall business strategy that supports your passions. Stop by our website today for more information about what we offer!


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Fall Into Fashion with Phoenix Fashion Week and Chronic Behavior LLC

Join us by hosting your very own Watch Party for the Style Trend Show Fall-November 21, 2020 (7pm pst) Show Launch + Virtual Red Carpet Watch Party

Get your Tickets at this Link ==>

Chronic Behavior LLC will be hosting a watch party and virtual red carpet for our very special guests!!  We participated in the July 2020 event for the very first virtual fashion show and loved every minute of it.  We love seeing the innovation and the brand love that Phoenix Fashion Week has for their designers, stylists, beauty consultants, hair and make-up teams, and all the sponsors.  

Our team is excited to share our interviews and live news from our watch party during the event!! Get your tickets to host your own watch party and join in the fun!! 

Get your Tickets at this Link ==>

Ticket Announcement - We are EXCITED to announce our NEXT unique day of high fashion from (10) curated designers from around the world that will be streamed to your living room or FAB watch party! This is a Couture level ticket!

This is your ticket to (10) high fashion shows from the comfort of your home. Including fashionable giveaways, voting challenges, LIVE digital meet & greets, behind the scenes story lines, digital Pop-Up shopping and we are just getting started! Your ticket will also include our Digital Swag Bag full of fashionable goodies, savings, and fun! Grab your ticket today!

10 Curated Global Designer Brands + Top Models

Multiple Continents + Unique Runways, Prominent Landmarks & Landscapes

Virtual Red Carpets & Fashion Forward Watch Parties!!

Virtual Event Experience: Held on Saturday November 21, 2020 (7:00pm pst), our guests will be treated to a fashion forward event that will feature (10) hand selected high fashion global brands and designers, VIRTUAL Red Carpets, Fashionable WATCH PARTIES, pre-event mixers and concerts on INSTAGRAM LIVE, perfect for enjoying back stories and the personalities of creative brands and new digital friends.

Grab your tickets today!

GROUPS: BOOK your fashionable watch party and virtual red carpet with us today --> (

THE GOAL is to FALL INTO FASHION this November while creating a global meet-up point for designers, media, retailers, stylists, and fashion enthusiasts, allowing everyone to share their creative vision and natural passion for fashion.  

COVID-19 Practices: It's always fashionable to stay healthy.  Our team will first and foremost follow ALL CDC and Arizona health guidelines. Including team social distancing, required facemasks, proper hand sanitizer and soap and water for hand washing.  We have spent considerable time to create a safe and consistent system to effectively produce a virtual fashion show that will include NOT HAVING a traditional hair and make-up room backstage.

RUNWAY: Runway models will be socially distanced on the runway. We know that with the current pandemic we are motivated to still practice proper safe health measures, while pushing our industry fashion forward.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Nail Tech Chronicle, A New Comedy Short Film

If you ever wondered what a day in the life of a nail tech was like, wonder no more. From morning to night, you never know what type of customer will walk through your doors. Get ready to watch, learn, and laugh.



 - Sept. 21, 2020 - PRLog -- Chronic Behavior LLC announces their latest film production, "The Nail Tech Chronicle."  The film is scheduled to be released as a YouTube Premiere on the Chronic Behavior Productions Channel.

The comedy is based on a day in the life of a nail tech salon owner who has just opened his shop and is still in the process of settling in. With each customer that walks in the door, the stories just keep getting more and more interesting.  But that's all in a day's work for the nail tech, to listen and serve the customer, right?

The premiere will be available for viewing on Chronic Behavior Productions YouTube Channel on Friday, October 2, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. and full film details are available on and IMDB. Watch parties are encouraged for this night of laughs.

"We couldn't have imagined how perfect the story would turn out, but as we filmed we knew we had something special," says Eva Louis, Director for the film. "We wanted to approach the film differently and we're excited to share the results with the world. Each of the actors brought something unique and entertaining to the film."

The cast of characters includes Angie Gomez as the Mafia Boss, Deana Moody as the Extreme One, Melissa Vo as the Twin Sisters, Dawn Nixon as the Indecisive One, Roxanne Ruane as the Spiritual One, Dant├Ęs Louis as the Nail Tech, and Toy Taylor as "Simona".  The Chronic Behavior LLC production team thanks and credits "The Creative Toy Box", a beauty salon owned and operated by Toy Taylor, for their collaboration and a great location where the filming took place back at the beginning of March 2020 before the stay-at-home executive order in Arizona.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019



When I first saw Night Prowler at the sneak peak, I thought this fashion?  Where would you wear this athletic wear? HOW do you wear this athletic wear? I mean really, this guy named Henry is the bomb! 
This emerging designer has made mens athletic wear just down right sexy. I was ridiculously impressed with the craftsmanship in having the designs match the mission: Rise When No One Else Will. This brand is strong, confident, and needs to be heard.

Now let's meet the man behind the brand Night Prowler Apparel. Here's Henry Mariner...

How did you decide to jump into the fashion business? And why athletic wear?

"It wasn’t my decision really to jump into the fashion industry. Ive always respected the art of fashion because of my musical background. I feel music and fashion always go together, but I never thought I would be in the business. I am just doing my best to follow orders from the man up above in creating a tangible form of the Armor of God. I hope he will be pleased with my work. 

I chose athletic wear because I felt the message would reach a wider audience. We spend so much time shaping our physical bodies that we sometimes forget that our spiritual body also needs shaping as well for the battles we do not see in the spirit realm. This fight is God vs Satan, the Light vs the Dark, Love vs Hate. This is Spiritual Warfare. We eat healthy and work out so we can help our physical bodies fight against sickness. These are attacks on our physical bodies. We need the same mindset for our spiritual bodies. If we are not aware of the spiritual battle our spiritual body will get attacked and possibly die." 

Give me one word that best describes your brand of athletic wear. Explain please.

"Armor: God gave me a mission to create armor for tomorrows spiritual battle."

Yessss! The model does look ready for battle lol. 

There has to be a story behind the name Night Prowler. Do tell.

"The name Night Prowler came from my mother. She would call me a Night Prowler because I was always up late at night till the early morning working on music. I always kept in my mind the thought of someone at this moment is up working and getting better, so I have to work harder and stay up later." 

What matters to you most as a designer?

"Quality and the Mission.  

Quality because the product has to feel good when you put it on. We want you to feel like you are suiting up for war, for business, for a game, a hard work out when you put our apparel on. We also want to inspire the mindset of the spiritual fight while we are doing these activities during the course of our daily lives."

Do you have a favorite designer?

"I don’t think I have a favorite designer, however I do respect the work of Kanye West and his tenacity to take over the fashion industry. He is someone I admire because of his passion for the arts and for his bold and fearless approach to push a vision forward." 

Did you have fashion dreams or aspirations as a child? If so, do share.
"No I never had a dream of becoming a fashion designer. I did like to create my own looks. I never wanted to have the same style of outfit as my peers. I would mix and match everything in my closet. I still do the same thing now." 

Did you already have experience in the fashion industry?
"In the past year our brand has been on the Label Horde Fashion Show Runway at F.A.B.R.I.C, We won the first ever Phoenix Fashion Week Digital Emerging Designer Bootcamp, We walked the Green is the New Black Fashion Show at City Hall in Phoenix, and we are currently pursuing the Designer of the Year title at Phoenix Fashion Week on October 3rd 2019. 
This is our experience in the industry so far. We are always looking for ways to grow and gain knowledge from some of the industries best."

I am so impressed with you and your drive. It is mind blowing to know you did not start out as a fashioner and now your vying for Designer of the Year with Phoenix Fashion Week. That is one whirlwind of a ride!

How has being a part of Phoenix Fashion Week changed your mindset in this tough industry?

"PHFW has been a game changer. It has been a huge part of my growth process. My mindset has shifted completely to where I can see the path on how to reach our goals as a brand. Im thankful for Brian Hill, Allison Callaway, and Herman Plank. They are the real deal." 

What has been your biggest challenge so far being a part of Phoenix Fashion Week bootcamp?

"My biggest challenge was almost not having clothes for the runway. We sent our designs to our manufacturer 2 months in advance before Fashion Week so we could focus on the bootcamp. During this time we are tweaking the designs, making sure all color combinations are correct and correcting minor details. We get to the delivery date and we have no designs. We messaged and called the manufacturer and no response. 
After countless phone calls and emails I finally received an email saying they apologize for the inconvenience but they never made the designs and will not be able to send them on time for the fashion show… So, long story short I had to create 12 new looks for the runway in 15 days. We made it!"

Omg that sounds like a lot of sleepless nights. Well, we are so happy you did make it. This competition needs a collection like yours.

Who do you lean on when you need support? Any oppositions?
"I lean on God first. He always has the answer."  

What message do you want to convey with your clothing line?   

"To Rise When No One Else Will. To take a stand and RISE against adversity. Chase your dreams and don’t allow doubt or fear to stop you from pursuing. Not to be afraid of the battles ahead but to be a fearless light and run into the
darkness and destroy it. Understand that there are multiple battles we face and we have to conquer both."

I love this! You are speaking some truth.

What is the ultimate dream for Night Prowler?
"The ultimate vision is to inspire a culture of bold individuals that are willing to go against the grain and fight against spiritual warfare. Athletic apparel being the tool to unite us. There is a spiritual war coming and we need to be prepared. 

Our ultimate dream/goal is for God to be glorified and to have the entire state of Arizona armored up. We would like to be the athletic apparel provider for all of the sports organizations in the city of Phoenix. The Phoenix Suns, The AZ Cardinals, The AZ Diamond backs, The Coyotes, The Rattlers, The Sun devils, GSU, The Hotshots etc." 

What would be the one piece of solid advice for an aspiring designer?
"Find Brian Hill. Put yourself in the community. Find out where your local designers and fashion gurus gather and connect."

And that is our local designer Night Prowler Apparel. Get your tickets here to see him on the runway opening night on October 3rd. This is gonna be one heck of a party.

IG - @nightprowlerapparel

See you on the runway!

Presented by   @chronicbehavior

Thanks to the Chronic Behavior team for their excellent coverage of the event. They are the team helping to support and promote the brand. We appreciate you for your continued support.