Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Phoenix Fashion Week Finale

Well, it's finally come and gone! 

Boohoo, I'm sad to see it end. 

Recording artist Yasmeen opened the show surprising us with a contemporary dancer who was captivating. Between Yasmeen's voice and the expressionistic dance you were caught for a moment in the powerful dance.

With a start like this I knew the finale was going to be monumental. And I was right!

Let me tell you, the final night Phoenix Fashion Week was nothing short of spectacular. The 5 remaining emerging designers taking the platform on this night would be vying for Couture Designer of the Year. 
Night two already gave us Contemporary Designer of the Year winner Laura Tanzer Designs. This lady right here brought her Capital 'A' game to the runway with her eye on the prize. 

Kudos to Laura Tanzer for taking her designer bootcamp education and bumping her new collection up a notch. 

I expect to see Laura Tanzer in high-end stores one day. Great job!

The naming of Model of the Year winners (male and female) was also revealed. 

Congratulations to
Isiah and Cierra for being called to duty as the Phoenix Fashion Week's Male and Female Model of the Year 2016.

Ok! Enough with all the chatter. Let's get to the tremendously jam-packed runway show. Up first:

The Emerging Designers

Cosmogyral           IG - @cosmogyral.la

    Ethereal.                 Girly.                    Love  Pleats.                    

Curvy Chicks Rock the Runway!


       Sensual.             Exquisite.             Delicate.

MOWA by Emily Smith              IG - mowabyemilysmith

    Animalistic.              Playful.                 Bold Print.


 Sexy.                  Provacative.            Wearable.

Designer Emily Smith

Barbara Bultman            IG - @barbara_bultman

     Striking.               Fearless.                 Daring.      

Uninhibited.                Love Anything Leather.                Sexy. 

Couture Designer of the Year Winner

Barbara Bultman Designs

Kym Gold, Founder True Religion Jeans (l)
Designer Barbara Bultman (r)

Aconav                   IG - @aconav

  Feminine.                 Detailed.               Couture.

Native Fashion.       Acoma Navajo.           Stunning.


ACONAV Matriarchs
Designer Loren Aragon
YES! The tie is an ACONAV Original



A huge shout out goes to each of the 2016 Accessory Designers at Phoenix Fashion Week. These ladies worked their bootays off in collaborating with the emerging designers. The proper accessory sets the look by adding that special touch. And congratulations to Monica Mauro for winning Accessory Designer of the Year. All you ladies rock!

Ines Shanks of Shanks Shoeware

Monica Mauro of
 Monica Mauro Designs

Kelley West of
Rhinestones and Relics

The Established Designers

Dalida Ayach     IG - @dalidaayach

Rachad Itani Couture       IG - @rachaditanicouture


Yas Couture by Elie Madi      IG - @yascouture

Designer Elie Madi

Rocky Gathercole           IG - @verygathercole

Avant Garde Designer Rocky Gathercole

Wow! Rocky Gathercole is RI-DI-COU-LOUS with his taking-command-of-the-runway imagination. This collection pays respect to the LGBTQ community. He made sure the audience received a fashionable runway show with all the glitz and glam. Erotic catsuits to crystalized body suits were the rage on the catwalk. Who knew?!?

Yas Couture, Rachad Itani, and Dalida Ayach was so yummy with such classy couture that made any girl swoon. Aaahhhh....I want more! I want more!
Once again, Executive Director Brian Hill and his team at Phoenix Fashion Week made this years' event, once again top notch. Kudos #PhxFW! 

See you on the runway....in 2017!


                                LOVE FROM THE RED CARPET

The Chronic Behavior Team representing this years' designers.....

President Eva Louis rocking
Barbara Bultman Designs
Social Media Guru Daniel Blunck looking dapper in
Brothers Tailors

Blog Manager Toy Taylor in custom
ACONAV paired with Shanks Shoeware

RedStreak Girl - Blogger

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