Sunday, April 2, 2017

It's Time To Spring Into Style with Phoenix Fashion Week

by Toy Taylor - What a great night at The Phoenician for a fashion show. I'm always overwhelmed at the breathtakingly beautiful mountainous views in this part of the valley. Phoenix Fashion Week
kicked off their 2017 fashion season with the Spring Into Style Runway Show.

Here, local fashion aficionados create fashionable looks based on a specifically chosen trend.

These trendsetters work alongside designers and clothing boutiques to make up their unique collection.

Cha Cha Chic Ladies (Sydney Horton and Cathy Garcia)
and Eva Louis
The pop up vendor shops just made your mouth

water with all types of goodies. Cha Cha Chic

can definitely keep us fitted in everything sparkly.

A big shout out goes to trending boutiques and

designers like Shazias Boutique,

Curiios (online), Divaz Boutique, City Royals 

Menswear, Monica Mauro Jewelry and others

that I may have forgotten, my

Monica Mauro and Eva Louis

Here are the six Phoenix 

based wardrobe stylists and their 


 Ashley Paige   - Floral Trend

     Mitch Phillips - owner of Rare Scarf Boutique(Phoenix) - Mixed Prints Trend



   Parisa Zahedi  - Punk Trend 
  Sandra Yotty   - Yellow Trend

 Sarah Parks - fashion blogger   
at Fashion To Fit You - Traveler Trend

      Style Stalkers - Statement                              Sleeves Trend     

This night the runway was truly gonna be "haute" with some mind-boggling fashion. Earlier at the press conference we learned a little bit more about the wardrobe stylists and their trend. I will say, I

was very intrigued by Style Stalkers and their Statement Sleeves Trend.

I was picturing a whole lot of different things but just couldn't grasp the concept.

And then.....they hit the runway. Omg can you believe these pics?!

Style Stalkers - Shimon and Ketonya

One of my favorite trends for the evening was the menswear collection for the Travelers Trend styled by local blogger Sarah Parks of Fashion To Fit You.

Everything was a hit with this collection. From the casual male to the jet away business man. Loved the details added with the boarding pass

Sarah Parks 

Nothing screams "girly, girly, girly" like Ashley Paige's Floral Trend and Sandra Yotty's Yellow Trend. Both of these fashionable ladies nailed it for the Spring Into Style event.


Ashley Paige


Sandra Yotty
I can not tell you how much I loved loved LOVED Mitch
Eva, Mitch Phillips, myself

Phillips of Rare Scarf Boutique (located in Central

Phoenix) and her vision of Mixed Prints Trend.

Ok let me just say that anybody who loves leopard

print as much as myself is a winner in my book! Mitch's

eclectic use of mixed mediums is un-flippin-

believable!!! My words do not even due it justice.

Please take a look at the proof!

Mitch Phillips

And then everything went Punk! Parisa Zahedi has outdone herself with this collection. I couldn't get

past the entire head face and all wrapped in lace? See through mesh? I'm really not sure but I was 

blown away. The Punk Trend was super edgy yet tasteful. It definitely commanded your attention. I 

kept wanting more from the "punky" look. Fantastic job Parisa!

Parisa Zahedi (R)
 Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thank you Brian Hill and the entire Phoenix Fashion Week team.

See you on the runway....                                                              


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