Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Into Style - The Phoenix Fashion Week Way

[RECAP]  My first big kick-off to the fashion runway season was an absolute success. 

Phoenix Fashion Week's Spring Into Style was held in the beautiful garden-rich courtyard at

the Arizona Center. 

Downtown Phoenix had a cool, cool breeze blowing 

through which made for a chilly show. I was freezing! But 

that did not stop tonight's party goers from stepping out on 

the red carpet. The line was long and the photogs were 

having a field day. Definitely a good night for the pretty 


Natasha Duran Lynch {l}  &
Misha Mendicino

Misha Mendicino of Misha Mendicino Designs and 

Natasha Duran Lynch of Hues of Ego were both spotted 

on the red carpet. I just love those incredibly talented 


This particular event boasts 6 stylists who will 

showcase their skills in the art of fashion styling. We got a first hand look at each stylist 

and what they would be bringing to the runway during a Q&A forum. 

Javier Soto of News Channel 3 

kicked off the first round of questions. I 

loved it when asked "what trend is most 

hated?" Style Stalkers reply "acid washed 

jeans!" Guess what? I concur! Acid-wash 

should NEVER make a comeback. I'm just 


Now for the night's event.... 

The show's theme is based on six inspired trends. Here's the lineup:

  • Style Stalkers - Plaid Inspired
  • Tim Boado - Green Inspired
  • Risa Kostis - Metallic Inspired
  • Nuvia Magdahi - White Shirt Inspired
  • Parisa Zahedi - Sporty Chic Inspired
  • Brandon Hunt - Lingerie Inspired

Risa Kostis - Metallic Inspired Trend

     The Metallic Collection was just pure fun.The was attitude in abundance with flirty play in
Tim Boado & Risa Kostis
the mirrored Aviator sunglasses. You could tell the models were feeling it. 

Risa did an amazing job combining gold metallic pieces with more subtle looks showing an easy day to night transition.

Risa stated she wanted the metallic pieces to "speak for 

themselves" and not be weighed down by excessive 

jewelry. That's some good advice.

She describes her metallic inspired trend as "vintage glam 

with a modern twist". Great job! #risarocks

Parisa Zahedi - Sporty Chic Inspired Trend

     The Sporty Chic Collection gave us just that. A very chic kinda way to wear sports wear and still look cute. The pics tell it all. I am such a sucker for ANYTHING black and white. 
 To be accessorized with orange balls and bats was a showstopper for this trend. Parisa's fashion tip for the night.....Take those jogger pants you love to lounge in pair them with a cute shirt and jacket and your good to go. And that's sporty chic! #lovethissport

Tim Boado - Green Inspired Trend


The Green Collection was kind of all over the place. I am 

familiar with Tim's styling and know that he is a master at 

what he does. I loved the mix of camouflage and plaid. 

It was quite 

bold and refreshing no 

doubt. I admit a few pieces lost me in 

their busyness. I think 

when you work so hard on

formulating a strong cohesive look a few pieces just may 

fall short. But I DO enjoy watching Tim do his thing. #keeprising

Brandon Hunt - The Lingerie Inspired Trend

     The Lingerie collection exuded confidence and sex appeal. This is why Brandon won 

2016 Best in Show for bringing this attention grabbing 

inspired trend to the runway. Right from jump, the models 

wore it and owned it! Lingerie paired with trench coats or 

see through shirts were dynamic on the catwalk. I had to 

get up out of my seat to get a closer look lol. Brandon 

stated his "biggest inspiration is women". Um, yeah, I think 

he understands that concept all too well. #bestinshow

Style Stalkers - The Plaid Inspired Trend

So when is a good time to see a kilt on the runway....anytime! Kudos to Style Stalkers for bringing a serious-ness to the runway. 

The music had an ethereal chant whilst the models walked with a single flower in hand. I don't know what that was all about but I loved it! I mean really, who would think of that? 

       Plaid is one of my ultimately favorite prints so I loved seeing plaid mixed with florals. May hurt the eyeballs a skinch but then it grows on you. Great job!  #stalkertude

Nuvia Magdahi - The White Shirt Inspired Trend
  Nuvia, Nuvia, Nuvia what can I say about you? She 

brought the most futuristic, most edgy, and most chic White 

Shirt collection I have ever laid eyes on. But I will tell you as

much as I liked the fashion, I could not take me eyes of the 

hairstyles.They were so Fury Road! 

Nuvia's inspirations from art and architecture and her love 

of monochromatic colors like black and white 

definitely showed in the clothing choices.  Hands down, 

every woman needs a flirty white shirt. #wildstyle

Well there you have it! Phoenix Fashion Week's Spring Into Style 2016 was a smashing success. I'm sure Executive Director Brian Hill was quite pleased. So stay tuned to see where the Chronic Behavior team ends up next. Where there's a happening, we will make sure you are in the know.

See you on the runway!


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