Thursday, August 28, 2014

[RECAP] Chronic Behavior's Talking The Five Special Mixer

by Toy Taylor - Wow, I can't believe the summer is almost over! We're already heading into September which means Phoenix Fashion Week's spectacular fall event is right around the corner...yippee! We all know just how hard these emerging designers and accessory designers have been working to get to this big day.
     In case any of you have missed the past action take a look at the articles below. Team Chronic Behavior tries our best to keep you up-in-the-now. These designers have been extremely busy creating their own signature line while attending a PFW's brand building workshop, aka boot camp, AND in between time attend a few "parties"...
  • §  PFW Shop Garment District       
  • §  Emerging Designer Announcement at Toni&Guy
  • §  PFW Top 40 Model Reveal
  • §  Brave Wings Fashion Show Charity Event featuring Woman's Touch Apparel

     They are nonstop! We held our little shindig at the Hotel Valley Ho (I can't get enough of this place) the night after they gave us a sneak peak of their collections at the PFW Shop Garment District (see article below for all the scoop). Our timing could not have more perfect in allowing the designers to

kick back and take a break, and I mean a very short break. It was a fun night to chill and enjoy some good company.


    There comes a time when the opportunity presents itself to pay it forward. That's exactly what we here at team Chronic Behavior wanted to do.

With that said, we put together a little mixer for all who is interested in mingling with the Phoenix Fashion Week's emerging designers and accessory designers. 

These women and men have been working their booties off these last few months at boot camp.

So we wanted to say 'thank you' for all your hard work and dedication to what you do and love so much.

A special thanks goes out to everyone who attended our mixer especially the PFW team. Your time and presence will always be appreciated. Thank you for making our night! See you all in October!

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Thanks to the Chronic Behavior team for their excellent coverage of the event. They are the team helping to support and promote the brand. We appreciate you for your continued support.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Phoenix Fashion Week's Shop Garment District Sneak Peek

by Toy Taylor

           The evening was filled with electrifying energy at the Phoenix Fashion Week Shop Garment District Runway event. This soiree was held at the retro-infused Hotel Valley Ho nestled in beautiful Scottsdale AZ. The 13 emerging designers were all set up in the garment district ready for us eager shoppers to snag a new hot item. As I walked around, I was just so overwhelmed by the level of creative inspirations under one roof. I was excited. With the designers mid-way through boot camp, they looked eager and very well prepared for the upcoming show. I chatted with the designers before the event and they all seemed pretty hyped about their debut.
           Even the accessory designers were jazzed! Olga M Designs with her exquisite feather pieces are to die for. Verbena Designs and Clutch Jewelry kept things moving at their booth. I did pick me up a unique Lucite ring from Astrid of Possibility Jewelry. It's a must have! And let's not forget the fabulous Tom Horn Collection. I had to run away quickly. I wanted a handbag in every color! 

Photos by Kate Doster Photography
            They definitely showed us the importance of accentuating one's outfit with the proper accessory. There isn't a woman alive who doesn't understand the importance of coordination. A befitting handbag can make or break an outfit.

            It's showtime! The emerging designers are so wickedly excited to give us this sneak peek into what the big fall event is all about. To kick off the event, PFW hit the runway in their signature collection of logoed T-shirts for both men and women. You should of seen the top models on the runway. Yummy! I have to give it up to the guys, they were killing it on the runway. Always in competition mode, these models put in some work.                                                                     
LeMark - Kate Doster Photography

Nick - Kate Doster Photography

Adoire by Saba - Kate Doster Photography

Adoire by Saba has a magical way of paying close attention to intricate details. Very, very nice. 

Atiz - Kate Doster Photography

Atiz proved you can't go wrong with black.
Olga M's  feathered pieces looked awesome with this collection.
Atiz - Kate Doster Photography
Nice touch! I liked the splash of color Atiz gave us reminding us of her cohesive style of intertwining Eastern and Western traditions. 

Leslie and Lexi of BlackberryMaverick were such a hoot when I spoke with them earlier, I could not wait to get a good look at their collection. These fun-loving quirky ladies know exactly how to step outside that good ol' comfortable box. Their collection definitely reflects both creative personalities at work. I got an old world vibe with a modern twist. I'm loving the mid-thigh slits. 
Blackberry Maverick - Kate Doster Photography
Blackberry Maverick - Kate Doster Photography
I just love Charmosa Swim. Fun. Flirty. Sexy. This swimwear offers great coverage for the lower regions which is a plus. I think a lot of women will appreciate that. I'm digging the new 2-pc that can be worn several different ways. Matching cover-ups are beautiful. Very nice. 
Charmosa  Swim - Kate Doster Photography


Hues of Ego - Kate Doster Photography
One of my absolute faves has to be Hues of Ego. The trench coat is a scene stealer. I'm a sucker for white. The use of strong lines in the pants made the models look 10 feet tall. The fabric flowed down the runway making their stride long and graceful. It was a striking collection! 
Hues of Ego - Kate Doster Photography

I loved the Jacqueline Nicole collection. She herself is adorable and beautiful with a heartwarming smile that genuinely reflects through her designs. Everything girly, classic, and pink! Another one of my favorite designers in the competition. I look forward to seeing what more Jacqueline has in store for us.

Jacqueline Nicole - Kate Doster Photography

Kismit - Kate Doster Photography
 Kismet made me want to buy all four pieces off the runway. This collection demands attention. Again, very feminine and comfortable. The sleek body-hugging lines are just scrumptious. Awesome job! 
Kismit - Kate Doster Photography

Lillienne Lang gave us insight to her vision of how to take a timeless piece, aka the pantsuit, and make it your own. Own it, she did. Lillienne Lang shows she's not afraid to take some risks. She just might be on to something here. 
Lillienne Lang - Kate Doster Photography

Misha Mendicino Designs - Kate Doster Photography

Misha, Misha, Misha! Another designer's line I could have ran away with. I absolutely love the resort wear line. I am looking forward to seeing new and exciting things from Misha Mendicino Designs

Misha Mendicino Designs - Kate Doster Photography

                                                      The sisters of Rayan were just as exquisite as always.
Rayan - Kate Doster Photography
I especially love the printed long sleeved evening gown. Simply beautiful!

Schuylark caught me off guard with this quite feminine collection. I really expected the edgy sharp appeal that she gave us at the emerging designer announcement. This collection seems to represent a softer side of Schuylark. Nice surprise, I liked.
Schuylark - Kate Doster Photography



The State Forty Eight collection was a crowd pleaser for sure. Off the shoulder women's shirt to easy wear tank tops for the guys. All the while repping our beautiful state of Arizona.  As the dynamic trio puts it, it's all about "Arizona passion meets Arizona fashion".  Again looking forward to seeing what more State Forty Eight will bring to the runway. 
State Forty Eight - Kate Doster Photography

Nick - Kate Doster Photography
To close out the show was of course another one of my absolute faves is Jenesis with her woman empowered line, Woman's Touch Apparel. Her Her-o-ine Collection is powerful and addicting. I can't wait to receive my Rosy the Riveter shirt. I'm feeling stronger as we speak(or, uh type). I loved the mini crowns placed on the models. Let's us know who's boss lady. 
Woman's Touch Apparel - Kate Doster Photography

Woman's Touch Apparel - Kate Doster Photography

So much progress has been made with all 13 designers, I was quite impressed with the sneak peek. I hope they are very proud of themselves and keep striving  to become better and better. It's a tough call on whose going to take Designer of the Year 2014. See you in October.