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The Most Fashionable Place To Be... are counting down the days until the biggest "Launch Event" on Friday, June 23, with the next round of emerging designers that Phoenix Fashion Week has brought under their tutelage to help them learn about the business of fashion and how to take their clothing line to the next level.

For Phoenix Fashion Week, the work never ends on their quest to make their program the most outstanding and exemplary fashion week which focuses on fashion, education, and community.  We've heard about the ideas and the upcoming plans for this season and we are over-the-top excited for the season to officially kick-off on June 23, with the party and event being hosted at the most hip and glam, Ellure Lounge, located in the heart of downtown Scottsdale at 7316 E Stetson Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85251.  The after-party for the "Spring Into Style" event was held at Ellure Lounge and brought the fashionistas out to play and celebrate the new season.

"Ellure Lounge brings the old world of fine, luxurious lounges to a new generation craving fresh, contemporary design within a unique gathering place. It teases, excites and celebrates the senses - continually refreshing itself. Come explore Scottsdale's premier lounge. A comfortable space with a true sense of imagination."

Now for the designer line-up, we have our favorites already for the season and I'm guessing that once you see their work, you will find yours too.  We've covered the designers that have gone through the program since 2011 and every year, the class gets better and better.  From unique and classical, to couture and lifestyle chic, the range of designers Phoenix Fashion Week brings in keeps you wanting to see more.

Below is the listing of designer introductions that will go down next Friday evening. 

Several designers shared a few thoughts and quotes with us...

ACONAV – Phoenix, AZ 
"Returning to the PHXFW Designer Bootcamp for a second year means so much. To be recognized by this acclaimed organization such as this, really sets your standards to higher levels because they believe in you to succeed. It's a much anticipated return for two reasons, another chance to pursue the coveted Designer of the Year, and most importantly it allows for another year of representation of Native Fashion. My hope is that other Indigenous designers see this representation and follow in the years ahead, especially on the PHXFW Runway which is set in a large Indigenous population here in the Southwest."

Loren Aragon, Designer of ACONAV

ACONAV, Emerging Designer for Phoenix Fashion Week

Christine Adar – Chicago, IL
"I'm so excited to be a part of such a prestigious event like Phoenix Fashion Week. During the next few months I will be put through an intense bootcamp that will challenge me to grow my line and take it to the next level. The Launch Party on June 23rd allows myself and all the other talented designers competing for Emerging Designer of the Year to give everyone a sneak peak into what each one of us is about and what to expect from our new lines we're showing this Fall. This Launch Party is going to be one of the most exciting events this summer!"
Designer of Christine Adar

Christine Adar
Emerging Designer for Phoenix Fashion Week

Cliff D. Creations - Philippines
"Who you are is because of who you wear"

EnnYe Collection – San Francisco, CA
"We are excited to showcase our lifestyle brand, which truly suits every woman's closet. EnnYe Collection is where style meets lifestyle. EnnYe is meant to be irreverent, edgy and daring. Our intent is to introduce our heritage and culture, through vibrant print, to a western audience. Our creation of modern, Classic and timeless siloquettes, is meant to create a bridge between these two worlds by showcasing the spirit, style and aunthenticity of our brand. The market is saturated with products in all categories, our challenge has been to find a way to express ourselves in a way that is different and daring."
EnnYe Collection
Emerging Designer for Phoenix Fashion Week

Liv Rio – Scottsdale, AZ
"Liv Rio is excited to be competing in the bootcamp and learn how to take the business to the next level. Liv Rio will be showing new looks, designs and fun colors for fall, our pants are stylish, high quality, comfortable and sexy. Liv Rio from sweaty to sexy."
Liv Rio
Emerging Designer for Phoenix Fashion Week

Marie Margot Couture – Denver, CO
 "Fashion is about making people feel happy while communicating their sense of style.  My bridal gowns speak to the woman who wants to express her own style on the most important day of her life."  
Marie Margot Couture
Emerging Designer for Phoenix Fashion Week

Moon Arrow – Los Angeles, CA
Nouvelle - Palm Beach, FL

Odd Bird Designs – San Diego, CA
"I'm excited to attend the Launch Party next week and finally get to meet the other Emerging Designers and models in person. I've been following along with everyone for months, and it is such a talented and diverse group. Each designer is showcasing an original look at the party and I'm so excited to see everyone's work! 

Phoenix Fashion Week has really challenged me to push through my shyness and share my brand already, and we're just getting started! I'm nervous, but so excited to see where this takes me. I'm also looking forward to our seminar on Saturday and finding out what this bootcamp is really all about. I'm ready to be whipped into shape!"

Odd Bird Designs
Emerging Designer for Phoenix Fashion Week
Qmulative – Tucson, AZ
"Phoenix Fashion Week will be a benchmark, both as an opportunity and as I elevate my designs!"
Quinlan Wilhite, Designer of Qmulative

ShaLaJa Swimwear – Atlanta, GA
"I want my customers to have endless options when it comes to shopping the Shalaja Swimwear brand! My goal is to make every woman feel comfortable and beautiful in my pieces.”

Taussy Daniel – Maputo, East Africa

Theo Doro – Tucson, AZ
"I have moved to Arizona from Europe 2 years ago, being selected to compete and showcase at Phoenix Fashion Week it's an honor, they choose the best! I remember when I first moved here first thing I heard was: “you need to showcase at Phoenix Fashion Week” When I met Brian Hill, after we spoke about the structure of this fashion week, I knew right away I want to be a part of it and show my Theo Doro line. 

My background is in arts, my major at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland and Greece was Multimedia. After graduating, for more than 10 years, I have worked in Greece in film, video and digital art area. But I always have been interested in designing clothing, even in primary school, I was designing my own outfits. So, I followed my instinct and  I created Theo Doro brand.  

For me designing clothes it's  like any other process of creating:  movie-making or painting a picture,  this is still all about composition, color, theme, structure, light, contrapoint. 
I am just using different tools now, the only difference and advantage  is : We can wear my art! 

I never stopped working in film area though, along with my husband who is Academy Award winning filmmaker (among many others) we have build small film-studio next to our house where we are planning to keep working on fashion films as well.

My Theo Doro brand  was born in in Athens/Greece where I lived for some time, it means “Divine Gift” (GR).  That was my main goal to create line which is for unique, artistic, sophisticated yet playful soul, with a bold outlook on life, who isn't afraid to stand out in the crowd.  I feel so blessed that so far my clients find it wonderful, that gives me power to work more on developing my brand. I have my Atelier in Tucson/Vail, AZ but Theo Doro brand is also available in my online shop at 

Winning a title “Best Designer based in Tucson“ named by readers of Arizona Foothills Magazine, tells me that I am on a good path and Phoenix Fashion Week it is a promise that my Theo Doro brand will be seen by those who are looking for me (although they don't know it yet)." ~ Dorota Zglobicka,  
designer and owner of Theo Doro
Theo Doro SS17, photo Neil Peters

Theo Doro ss17 Mad Dollhouse,
photo Adelyn Photography,
Models Symphony, Jessica Abea, Abbey Smith 

WVSH – San Diego, CA

Nahuala – Jalisco, Mexico

You can't have fashion without accessories and this year four (4) emerging accessory designers are participating in the program.

ENJI Studio Jewelry


Multi-Colored Animal - MCA

Tagliente Designs

And finally, the highlights of the runway, the announcement of the top 40 Models contending for the Model of the Year will take place and we're all looking forward to watching how they evolve over the season.

Tickets for the EMERGING Designer & Model LAUNCH Showcase are $30 for general admission, VIP Lounge seating for (6) $300.  Tickets can be purchased exclusively at 

Get yours while you can!!

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