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This Phoenix Fashion Week designer brought a fresh and unique style of men's fashion the the runway. Keith English gives us stylish fun with an old school flare. I love seeing what designers can do with a constant revolving menswear line. 

Founder Karina English took time out her busy schedule to chat with us for a bit. Here's what we learned about Keith English:

Lady CEO Karina English

How does your husband feel about his name being a fashion brand?
"It wouldn't make sense any other way because the reason why I started this venture in the first place was because of him...he represents everything the brand is."
What is the inspiration behind the Keith English brand?
"My husband is my inspiration. Despite the all the adversity he has experienced in his life, despite the trials he continuously faces, he has always stood up for what is right and never backed down from his beliefs. The high collar represents his courage and strength to stand up, the contrasting prints- his spirit full of color, love and compassion." 

The big old school collar IS a fantastic touch to your shirts. Was that an error in design or purposeful?
"The design was purposefully and everything started with just the high collar, which was the first pattern I ever created. Then I played with different prints and colors, created my own shirt pattern and then the Keith English shirt was born."

What types of fabric do you prefer to work with? "I prefer to work with fabric that has a little stretch to allow men that are muscular to not feel so constricted."  

Any material you prefer NOT to work with?

"I prefer to stay away from synthetic fibers and fabrics that wrinkle easy."

What has been most challenging for you being a part of Phoenix Fashion Week’s bootcamp?
"The most challenging thing for me are the tasks that are required of us to complete. As a mom, wife, full time grad student and building a business it gets tough finding extra time to focus on Bootcamp tasks."

What is your greatest take away thus far being a part of Phoenix Fashion Week? "Not every good opportunity is the right opportunity."
Wow, that is some straight talk right there! That is so true yet sad. We get so excited by wonderful opportunities placed before us,however we fail to realize whether it is the right opportunity or not. This is really great insight.

Give me one piece of solid advice for the next ambitious fashion designer?
"Don't let others steer you away from your vision and dreams with negative opinions about what you're designing and your ideas...God gave YOU this dream not them."
Amen to that!

How has this entire experience changed your world? "This entire experience has really build up my faith because I had this idea on the closet shelf, literally, for years. I never thought anyone would like the shirts. I have always felt this undone work inside of me, as if God was reminding me of the dream he gave I took the leap of faith and here I am today, blessed beyond measure and keeping focus on what's ahead."

Is Keith English a full on family business? Any children involved? "Well, with 10 kids we hope that at least 1 of them will have a desire to take on the business one day but
currently no...they just help when we need it like being fit models, hanging tags or helping during photo shoots."

What is your vision for Keith English in 5 years?

"In 5 years I see the brand working with sports teams, corporations, licensing deals, to make custom shirts for their people. My vision is to be making a huge impact on men's fashion in the United States and be close to making $100k in revenue."

So I always like to ask designers if they have any other passions or a hobby they like to do when not creating fashion pieces. I am impressed with Karina English's and her big goals. You are definitely an inspiration to us all.
Do you have other passions besides designing fashion? "Yes, my first love has always been food. I went to culinary school after high school and even cooked in the military. Owning my own restaurant is a future goal of mine."

What do you like to do in your down time? "In my downtime I love watching movies with my husband and making memories doing things we've never done like exploring the outdoors or trying a new restaurant."

Thanks to Karina English for giving us a more in depth look at her brand. Get ticktets here for the biggest fashion event in the Southwest. Phoenix Fashion Week will keep you wanting more. See Keith English on the runway October 3-5, 2019 at Talking Stick Resort.

Follow Keith English on Instagram at @keithenglishapparel

See you on the runway!

Images provided by Keith English

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